"Digg" Your Blogs Popularity

This is a little secret that I just tapped into that you can use in order to increase your blogs popularity, and hit count. It's called digging, and I'm more than sure that you have already heard about it.

But this little technique has a trick to it. And it's a really simple trick actually, but it's a trick that can increase your blogs subscribers by more than 300%!

First, you have to create a digg account at www.Digg.com, and set up your own free profile. Yes, this service is completely free. Now that you've created your account, you have to then put this little javascript code onto every one of your blog posts...

<script src="http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js" type="text/javascript">

Once you publish your text, you'll see a little picture in the top-left hand corner of your new blog post that looks like this...

Now you've got a little script where everytime someone presses the "Digg it" button, your blog posts gets posted onto a very popular bookmarking website, and for every other digg that the content gets, you get another step higher to a better visitor count.

Even better, anyone that's signed up with digg, can digg your post! You get your subscribers to interact with your blog, causing even more interaction with your readers. It's a win win situation that can't hurt you.

To help you guys out even more, you can even digg your own blog to get yourself started! So go check it out, and make sure that you read the rules and guidelines to make sure that your account doesn't get deleted. This is a very helpful tool that you don't want to be without in your blogging days to come!


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