I Just Have One More Lesson Left To Go!

Hey everyone! If you didn't already know, I accidentally deleted my website a few days back, and now...


But now...I have officially started marketing my website again! How exciting!

So if you're interested, you can join my FREE online money making with any website ecourse!

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My Prom Is On Friday

Well well well...my Prom is on friday. How exciting is that for me? But I've began to wonder just how many teenagers are going to prom and putting all their mind into it.

They whine and complain -like I have- and say that they need to have it just right -I don't-

Now I wonder...if teenagers could put that much thought into prom...how come they can't put that much thought on their futures?

The class of 2008 has a huge edge on personal technology that could mean their future downfall. -I read this in the press-enterprise a few days back-

*If you want me to go into more detail about the statement above, just reply*

The year 2008 graduates have a great edge in the office, but unfortunately, they've been blessed with ignorance.

It's so sad to have so much energy, and power, but to only have it shot down with ignorance.

They can become the future businessmen and women leaders...but they don't seem to realize the power they hold.

Oh well.

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Tracking Your Traffic

Hey everyone, what's up?

I don't know if you already have a system that tracks your traffic or not...but if you don't, you can go to www.StatCounter.com and get a free traffic tracker that can tell you how long people have been on your page, what links they're clicking on, and other useful things you'll need to know when keeping track of your traffic and trying to raise your conversion rate.

You can get a free account by going to http://StatCounter.com

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I Finally Got My Tux For Prom!

I just rented my tux for prom next friday, and am going to go pick it up on thursday. Aren't you excited for me?

But while I was looking around the tux stores, I noticed a slight bit of information that I thought you guys would want to hear about.

At my city mall, Promenade Mall, I visited a tux store, and right next to it was...ANOTHER TUX STORE!

So here's the kicker, which store is the store that I decided to go to?

Which one made me more interested? ...or in the words of Seth Godin...who was the purple cow?

It was the store that I was more familiar with.

The store that I choosed to buy from, was a store that had sent me a card in the mail telling me about their offers.

So I decided to go to the shop that I knew more about...the one that sent me the card in the mail.

What's the moral of the story?

Your name or rep is almost as important as the products you buy. With a good reputation, you can almost guarantee a sale in whatever niche your in.

Simple, no?

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My School's Backend Sales

Speaking of backend sales about a day or so ago, I just had a moment today when I noticed my school's marketing strategy.

My prom is coming up, and I just bought my tickets today with my girlfriend.

But when I got done buying the tickets, I noticed the little paper inside our "invitational envelope" that talks about prom pictures.

Wow, I just noticed my school has been capitalizing on backend sales! And I've noticed more than hundreds of students buying pictures for prom or any other gala event. I wonder just how much schools make on this marketing strategy.

I'm sure that school in general is just one huge backend sale, and I can probably prove it.

But the point is this -backend sales drive up profits tenfold...no matter what niche you're in-

Capture Page Template

Hey everyone, how ya doin'?

I don't know if you guys would like this or not, but if you're trying to setup a capture page...this might be helpful for you.

I've got a capture page template that you can download at the following link:

Download it in a zip format, edit it out with notepad or wordpad, and then upload it to your domain.

It's a good guideline if you've never made a capture page before.

Cheers to you!

Disneyland Agrees That I'm Right!

Okay, this is for all you online store owners who only depend on frontend sales to keep their website going.

I never figured out how to do that, so bravo to you guys! But I'd rather depend on my backend sales to keep my website running rather than my frontend sales, and I'm sure Disneyland would agree with me.

Let's get your brain churning and visualize shall we? -This will be fun!-

Imagine Disneyland as your website. Lucky you. : )

After marketing your website for a while, and by sending people to your website, you make a sale on your ticket.

-We aren't talking about content...that's an entirely different subject-

Okay, woop-de-doo, you've made a sale. But did you know that Disneyland doesn't make it's profits off of tickets (frontend sales) but from what they sell when inside the park (backend sales)

Disneyland and other amusement parks are masters at backend sales. Someone will buy a ticket, and when they're hungry, they'll buy a drink. These parks know that because they know who their buyers are...hungry, tired grown-ups, and restless, sugar-ran kids.

How fun.

But this is what I say to you online store owners...if you can setup your own backend sales correctly, I can almost guarantee that your sales will increase in the next month or so.

Hey...Dineyland agrees with what I'm saying!

Using Craigslist For Prom

I don't know if you guys know this or not...but I've been trying to raise money for prom, and since my website was down for the count -and you can refer to the post entitled that- I wasn't able to get my profits from this month and put it onto prom...

So I had to do it the old fashioned way, and sold my stuff on www.CraigsList.org, like an old couch and my beloved gamecube!!!! :' (

I was so sad to give my GameCube away!

But anyways...I digress...

I just wanted to say that craigslist does work, and it is legit. It's a great way to sell your stuff, or buy stuff to resell, quickly and easily.

Go check it out if you want. : )

A Free Autoresponder

You can head on over to http://FreeAutoBot.com and get a FREE online autoresponder service.

It works well, and the advertisements in your email are mildly okay...

The bad thing is that...most of the time your emails end up in the junk folder of email hosting services (i.e. hotmail)

So I recommend that you use it in order to dip your feet in the water...

but I suggest that you get a paid service like Aweber (link to the left)...

It's much easier to use, cheap, and it's the best autoresponder I've ever used for my business.

The Importance of an Autoresponder

Less than 1% of sales are made on the first customer contact...but 80% of sales are made on the 5t-10th contact. So if you aren't doing these follow-ups, you're DOOMED online!

Some internet "business owners" think that hits to their website will turn into sales -sounds like a numbers game to me- WRONG!

You can get more than 1,000 visitors to your website a day. That's not hard...but if you don't follow-up on your visitors, you're just fighting a losing battle.

You could sell maybe 1-3 products for every 1000 customers on their first visit, but that leaves more than 997 of your visitors have passes their wallets on to someone else! THAT'S HORRIBLE! But the people who can take those visits, and turn them into sales by doing follow-ups, are the people who seperate the winners from the losers.

Those other 997 visitors are your customers too! They just need a little more of personalized attention to buy from you.

It's like your the waiter for a restaurant who isn't taking down the orders. Some people might get up and grab someone so they can get their order...but the majority would think it's a lousy restaurant and leave.


All The SEO In The World Couldn't Help You Out Buddy Holly

Have a website? Good for you!

But how's your content?

I'm tired of going to websites and seeing all these pathetic excuses of homepages trying to sell you something without giving me anything in return.

People will send me to their "professional online store" and tell me to buy something.

...okay...why should I buy from you? What's in it for ME. THE CUSTOMER.

All I see are just a crap load of PPC ads, and tons of merits saying that you use excellent shipping systems. Okay...how is that going to convince me to buy something from you?

This is basically what you want me to do...

1. go to your website
2. find out what the hell it's about
3. buy something
4. leave

Sounds like a real pleasant time doesn't it?

Where's the content? Where's the information to help me out? WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?

So what I'm saying is this:

If you have a website, make sure it has...

1. quality, informative, entertaining content

You need to first give YOUR visitor something, be it articles, or an e-book.

Something that will better their life...only then will they even consider about buying anything from you.

You could have first page rankings on google, but if your website just says BUY ME...you're not going to be making the real money that you should be making off of that traffic.

So if you're one of those people, who's website just says...BUY ME, then...

All the SEO in the world couldn't help you out Buddy Holly.

My Website Is Down For The Count!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been posting. My website took a large hit the other day, and man am I cross.

When deleting some old files, I accidently deleted the folder that my ecourse was in (which is the main part of my income) and so I've been trying to put it back together.

So far, I've got about lessons 1-3 back up and running, but I still have to put in the other ones. However, I'm sure that everything should be done in about two weeks.

So until then...this blog might not have much posts as it used to...but don't worry! I WILL BE BACK!