Mailoop 7

I just came across this new autoresponder called Mailoop 7 and I think that it might just surpass Aweber.

The only reason why I think that it will surpass Aweber is because Mailoop is able to collect much more information from your subscribers, and you can use that information in your emails to make them even more personal.

Creating more personal follow-up emails.

So instead of having an email from aweber that collected only the name and an email sent at random times that says...

"Hey bob! Remember to be romantic to your wife! Buy her flowers and what-not!"

You can make it much more personal with mailoop by collecting more information and send an email coming at certain dates that you state and says...

"Hey bob! Remember that Susan's birthday is coming up in a couple of days! Make sure that you remember to get her something!"

Much more personal isn't it?

But be warned! With this autoresponder comes new rules and tactics! So be sure to study up. : )

Sign up now to get Mailoop 7!

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The Richer You Get...

Doesn't it suck how the richer you get...the more taxes that you have to pay?

The richer you get, the more deductables you don't get, and the more taxes that you have to pay.

I mean...why should you penalize the rich for being successful for working hard? Isn't that what we were taught to do when we were kids? Why get mad at the people who did what they were told, but not get mad at the people who didn't do what they were told? It just doesn't seem fair.

: (

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A Surplus of Financial Advisors

On my two week trip in Virginia, I met another person who wants to take up a career as a financial advisor...and so I started thinking to myself, why is there so many people aspriring to become financial advisors?

I guess the knowledge has been hit that financial education is needed, and now society is trying to learn.

But the thing is...people are going into college to become financial advisors, but they do not have any experience in most financial ventures.

Which means that we've got people who don't know about investing, teaching others about investing. They're as you say..."Talking the talk, but not walking the walk."

Don't get me wrong...I am definately glad that society has seen how important financial education is, and now they're taking their time to learn it...but the problem that I'm worried about is that they are getting their information from people who don't know as much as they do.

Sure a financial advisor has a degree...but a degree pales in comparison to real life experience. You can only learn so much from a book.

People trying to build up their financial education need to realize who's teaching them, and what exactly they're teaching them.

Don't think that your advisor will teach you everything, your advisor is only as smart financially as you are! : )

If you're serious about building your financial education...take some time out of your own schedule to learn, don't take time out of other peoples schedules.

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Using My Recommended Online Shopping Cart...Mal's E-commerce

Hey everyone! Today I've got this wonderful, and FR-EE online shopping cart, that I use myself, to show you. : )

It's personally my favorite shopping cart, and I use it all the time.

Why is it so good? Well not only do you get to do everything you could do with other shopping carts, but you also get a chance to create your own affiliate program for free that goes up to two-tier.

You can create an affiliate program that you always see on clickbank, and do it yourself.

So let's say that you just created an ebook and are now trying to sell it for about $5. Well let's make that offer even more interesting by importing an affiliate program with that ebook... : )

Instead of just offering an ebook, lets offer your buyers a chance to easily make some money. We set up an affiliate program with the free online shopping cart Mal's E-commerce so that whenever your buyer sells your product, they get lets say...60% of the total sale. That's $3!

Now lets make it even more interesting and start the two tier program. Lets say that if the person they sell it to decides to sell it also, the person who originally sold it gets lets say...40% of the total sale. So that means that the original buyer gets $2 for doing nothing except selling the first ebook. And the person who sold that ebook gets their $3! And the process keeps going as long as they sell the product.

Now doesn't that ebook sound just a little bit more interesting with the affiliate program? Best of all...the affiliate program is free to create when you sign up for the free online shopping cart.

So how wonderful is this shopping cart? Pretty cool huh!? I know! : )

So you want to get the shopping cart? Get the free shopping cart at http://Mals-E.com!

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A Day in Virginia

I'm in Virginia right now for about two weeks due to my grandfathers funeral...so most of the stuff that's going onto this blog is just posts that I am able to put in on my free time...sorry guys! : (

But anyways...I'm still posting up posts, so that shouldn't be a problem right? ...RIGHT!?

Today I made about $100 from my ebay account...not so much today...but that's what I get for not going on it for a long time. =P Procrastinant me. = )

So anyways...I was checking out my ebay account and I noticed that my backend sales from my ebay buyers have been steadily going down! OH NO!

So I'm going to be working on that for a bit during this week and try to get it back up...maybe it's time to set up a new capture page! How exciting! >: )

Well...I'll keep you guys posted on my daily nuggets of knowledge!

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Creating A Capture Page

Wow...capture pages...there's just so much to say about them! : )

If you're trying to make money online...to put it simply...capture pages are vital to your success.

Your capture page is how you capture your visitors (did you enjoy that pun?) and get them to opt in so you can send them your autoresponder automatic emails.

Your capture page is what's going to drive your profits on your online ventures...

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The Day of The Shark...Interruption Marketing Is Dead!

Remember when the day of the money sharks was here? Or maybe you still think that they are still here, or even trying it out yourself...

But you should know that the day of the shark is dead.

The day of thinking that by pressuring people about your products and using the five feet rule, that you're going to make yourself a sale.

This might still be true for car salesman...but online, this thought process is a historic way of thinking.

Also known as interruption marketing, as Seth Godin calls it, is like a commercial that interrupts your daily life to talk about their product or whatever it is they're advertising.

On the internet, this way of marketing is just not the way to go. In fact, it's the worst way to do it. The way of marketing online is through what Seth calls, permission marketing.

This is where you collect the permission, like having someone opt in for your emails, and talk to only them about your product. This way of marketing on the internet is much more profitable than just doing interruption marketing where you just go around and tell everyone about your product.

You shouldn't be trying to attract a bunch of people who aren't in your niche to your product, they won't be interested, and you'll be attracting unwanted traffic to your website. Instead...focus on your niche and build. That is the way of the internet.

People who market on the internet need to understand that the way of the shark, where everyone five feet away from you is a possible prospect, is over, and must give way to permission marketing.

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My Point of View on MLM's

MLM's are a wonderful way to build up a business, like a franchise, and make a serious full time residual income.

I think that MLM's are a great way for someone aspiring to become an entrepreneur to generate a full time income without spending much start up money like a franchise or starting up your own business.

An important part of an MLM business...if you're deciding on making one...is that you should be sending your business onto the online world.

I believe that the day of the five feet rule, where everyone five feet away from you is over, and the day of the online market has come.

But with this new day of the online market, there also comes new strategies, and rule, just like every other market.

The setting in the MLM world has changed, and the new world is blowing the average income of MLM's away with a higher income...

Take control of the internet!

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More On An Autoresponder...

I don't think that I really explained the imporance of an autoresponder in my earlier post...so let's try to get into that right now! : )

An autoresponder is definately important because you can automatically do follow-ups with your customers when they opt in...

So why is are follow-ups important?

You create more sales that way...think about it...

If your friend Marcus has a website that gets about 10 visits a day, won't you agree that those 10 visits are very important since he doesn't have a large amount of visits?

If Marcus doesn't have an autoresponder, then those 10 visitors will just go to his website, look around for a bit, and then leave...

But if Marcus did have an autoresponder and set up a capture page dedicated to getting people to opt in for his free, let's say...newsletter, his visits will become more cash efficient.

So let's now say that Marcus set up a capture page dedicated to getting people to opt in for his autoresponder newsletter and gets maybe 3 of those 10 visitors to opt in...now those 3 visitors are bound to that autoresponder...unless they unsubscribe, they will keep getting Marcus' newsletter.

Now Marcus has just captured visitors who are interested in what he's saying...with an autoresponder, he can tell each one of them about products that he's used, or updates on his website.

And they WILL listen...they signed up for his autoresponder!

So lets say that those 3 subscribers get Marcus' autoresponder emails and only 2 of them purchase a product that Marcus talks about that costs $25 each...Marcus has just made $50 from his 3 subscribers who would have otherwise just came to his website and left!

Now do you understand? Do you realize how important an autoresponder is? With an autoresponder, you can save the amount of visitors coming to your website that could make you that online income that they wouldn't have made you if you didn't have an autoresponder!

So the bottom line is...get an autoresponder, set it up, and create a capture page dedicated to get people to opt in...

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The Essentials To Making Money Online

People always ask me, "How am I supposed to make money online?"

In order to make money online...I've set up a list of things that I think you should have when trying an online venture...

1. Domain name
2. Autoresponder
3. Online shopping cart
4. An ebay account
5. An affiliate program
6. Basic html knowledge
7. Quality goods

In my opinion...I believe that each of the above items is absolutely needed when trying to make money online...PERIOD...

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The Profit of an Autoresponder

If you're trying to make a profit online...I highly suggest that you get some kind of an autoresponder.

Autoresponders are an online profit goldmine, and I just love them. I mean...I don't have to do much work with them, and I make a huge amount of cash. How wonderful is that! : )

With an autoresponder, you can simply set up an email talking about a product that they can buy for $25...and whenever people sign up to get your emails, you get tons of people to read your email about a product.

And if it's written well enough, they'll buy the product. That means that if 35 people sign up, and only 10 people buy your product...you made about $250 from an email that you made in less than 30 minutes.

For every new person that signs up...you get even more money if they buy something.

Autoresponders are wonderful ways to make online income and make it residual...

So get an autoresponder, and get it NOW if you want to make money online.

Also join my ecourse so you can figure out how to use it in order to make money. : )

You can get an autoresponder from either http://www.Aweber.com or from http://www.GetResponse.com

I prefer Aweber, but I've also heard of some great reviews about getresponse.

And if money is a problem, you can get an autoresponder at http://FreeAutoBot.com , it's a great autoresponder for no cost at all.

So sign up for an autoresponder so you can survive online...

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Blaming The Rich

What's up with most of the poor and middle class blaming the rich because they're rich?

Don't the rich deserve their money since they worked hard and decided not to spend their money on doodads and such?

Is society becoming more lazy, and dependent, depending on social security to survive?

Huge taxes are put on the rich in order to so-called "spread the wealth," and yet the rich figure out how to dodge these taxes...so just trying to take money from the rich doesn't mean that everything is going to be okay.

Stop blaming other people for your problems and face reality. The rich got rich because they worked hard. Just because you might be either screwed or jealous doesn't mean that the rich is the source of your problems.

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My Theory on The Stock Market and It's Possible Crash

Yes I do in fact think that the stock will crash. And before you decide to say that I'm wrong and that the stock market tends to go up on average...please keep reading my theory...

Basically the theory is that the stock market will crash due to 401 (k) pension plans, the baby boom generation, lack of financial education, and greed.

Yes...I believe that the future of the stock market will indeed by very bleak due to these causes...and it's not going to change unless we make a drastic change in society.

The baby boom generation is a generation of people who were born in a huge amount from the years, I believe 1940-1970, than any other time...these are the people who will effect the economy due to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which caused a subtle pension reform from going from a direct benefit pension plan, to a direct contribution pension plan...in other words, the beginning of the 401 (k)...

By the year 2016, the baby boom generation will begin to hit their reitirement age and begin to pull out their 401 (k) pension plans...these boomers will actually be the lucky ones because they won't be in the crash, but they will start the chain reaction...

The next baby boomers will also begin to take out their 401 (k) plans soon after the first baby boomers retire...the question is, if the baby boomers all retire...how will the stock market hold up if the majority of the people in the stock market are selling their stocks?

It then becomes a simple matter of supply and demand.

Due to the high amount of supply (the stocks being sold by the baby boomers 401 (k) pension plans) and the low amount of demand (the generation after the baby boomers with not as much buyers as there are sellers) due to the fact that there aren't as much people as there is in the baby boomer generation, the stocks' value will indeed decrease.

With the slow decrease of stocks, the lack of financial education will soon take over along with greed, and people will begin to worry about their money in the stock market. Mostly the ones who depend on the market for their retirement due to their 401 (k) pension plan or Roth IRAs...

The stock market is now hitting an all time low...and even though they'll get a high tax penalty for selling their stocks early to save whatever's left of their retirement money, they'll still do it to save whatever is left of their money...causing more stocks to be sold, with less buyers due to the knowledge of knowing that the market is going down.

This all leads up to the biggest stock market crash in history...what a blow for the economy!

The market will crash...in my opinion...and when it does, there comes yet another depression...the biggest depression ever created...due to the lack of financial education, 401 (k) pension plans, the baby boom generation, and greed...

It's going to happen...it's only a matter of time...

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The Web 2.0 Thinking Strategy...

Oh wow...this is a big one for everyone trying to make money online. I learned this from Seth Gordin...and ever since I've heard of it...I've been fascinated and sold by it.

The internet has shifted, I don't know exactly when...but the role of the internet has indeed shifted.

The online highway has gone from being a great place to get information from, to a place to find information from.

If you wanted information on the internet, you could just type it in...and BOOM, there it is.

But one day...people began to realize the shift of the internets information...yes it is true that you can still find information on the internet, but the process has become longer.

Now you have to go onto a search engine and type in whatever it is you're trying to find out. When that happens...the search is on. You go from one website to another trying to find the answer, each website giving you a small amount of information.

So how does this apply to making money online...I'm glad you asked! : )

So how does this apply to making money online?

Well it proves the way that people purchase a product off of the internet. No one goes onto the internet purposely wanting to buy something that they don't know anything about.

At first...they're trying to find information on it, they're as Seth Gordin says, "just browsing," trying to figure out what it is that they need.

Then they begin to shop when they figure out what they're looking for...

That is why you can't just have a website thats proposed as a one stop shop site.

This type of shop just doesn't cut it anymore online if you're just starting out.

How many times have you looked up something and got sent to some kind of website that sells it...then you quickly click out because you're not trying to buy something...you're trying to learn something.

The internet has shifted...and with it...ecommerce.

If you want to make money online, than I suggest that you take time to give your visitors valuable information and knowledge...make them build their trust with you...and only then can you even think of making a profit from them.

If not...you're just not going to win.

What do you think? Do you think that the internet has indeed shifted...or do you think that one stop shops are the way to go?

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The Internet Boom

In the year 2000, the stock market crashed...as some of you might know...and with peoples 401(k) depending soley on the stock market, now more than ever is financial education important.

With the baby boom generation about to hit their retirement age where they are required to take out their 401s, I predict that the market will indeed crash due to the fact that there will be more sellers than buyers...

With the ongoing notice that people need to build up their financial education, they quickly run to the hills thinking that they don't have enough money to learn.

For these people...they have not even noticed the sudden internet boom. The Dot.com bubble was created because of the internet alone, and why?

Because it's just getting easier and easier to build up a company, or start some kind of entreprenuerial venture off of the internet.


This sudden burst of easy ventures is a gateway to an amazing financial education...we're living in an internet ran world where you can get information quick...

So why aren't we using that power?

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The Prodigious Online Money Making Blog

Wow...I finally created a blog for my online ecourse! w00t w00t!

: )

My name is Matthew Castro, and you're about to learn about tons of information on making money online!

So what's up everyone? Are you guys having fun trying to make some cash online? It's not that hard really...and in the posts coming up, I'm going to be showing off some great facts about making money online and a number of other stuff.

You can count on it. : )

And of course, you can also sign up for my FR-EE online money making ecourse by going to

Welcome to the blog!

: )