A Surplus of Financial Advisors

On my two week trip in Virginia, I met another person who wants to take up a career as a financial advisor...and so I started thinking to myself, why is there so many people aspriring to become financial advisors?

I guess the knowledge has been hit that financial education is needed, and now society is trying to learn.

But the thing is...people are going into college to become financial advisors, but they do not have any experience in most financial ventures.

Which means that we've got people who don't know about investing, teaching others about investing. They're as you say..."Talking the talk, but not walking the walk."

Don't get me wrong...I am definately glad that society has seen how important financial education is, and now they're taking their time to learn it...but the problem that I'm worried about is that they are getting their information from people who don't know as much as they do.

Sure a financial advisor has a degree...but a degree pales in comparison to real life experience. You can only learn so much from a book.

People trying to build up their financial education need to realize who's teaching them, and what exactly they're teaching them.

Don't think that your advisor will teach you everything, your advisor is only as smart financially as you are! : )

If you're serious about building your financial education...take some time out of your own schedule to learn, don't take time out of other peoples schedules.

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