The Web 2.0 Thinking Strategy...

Oh wow...this is a big one for everyone trying to make money online. I learned this from Seth Gordin...and ever since I've heard of it...I've been fascinated and sold by it.

The internet has shifted, I don't know exactly when...but the role of the internet has indeed shifted.

The online highway has gone from being a great place to get information from, to a place to find information from.

If you wanted information on the internet, you could just type it in...and BOOM, there it is.

But one day...people began to realize the shift of the internets information...yes it is true that you can still find information on the internet, but the process has become longer.

Now you have to go onto a search engine and type in whatever it is you're trying to find out. When that happens...the search is on. You go from one website to another trying to find the answer, each website giving you a small amount of information.

So how does this apply to making money online...I'm glad you asked! : )

So how does this apply to making money online?

Well it proves the way that people purchase a product off of the internet. No one goes onto the internet purposely wanting to buy something that they don't know anything about.

At first...they're trying to find information on it, they're as Seth Gordin says, "just browsing," trying to figure out what it is that they need.

Then they begin to shop when they figure out what they're looking for...

That is why you can't just have a website thats proposed as a one stop shop site.

This type of shop just doesn't cut it anymore online if you're just starting out.

How many times have you looked up something and got sent to some kind of website that sells it...then you quickly click out because you're not trying to buy something...you're trying to learn something.

The internet has shifted...and with it...ecommerce.

If you want to make money online, than I suggest that you take time to give your visitors valuable information and knowledge...make them build their trust with you...and only then can you even think of making a profit from them.

If not...you're just not going to win.

What do you think? Do you think that the internet has indeed shifted...or do you think that one stop shops are the way to go?

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