The Day of The Shark...Interruption Marketing Is Dead!

Remember when the day of the money sharks was here? Or maybe you still think that they are still here, or even trying it out yourself...

But you should know that the day of the shark is dead.

The day of thinking that by pressuring people about your products and using the five feet rule, that you're going to make yourself a sale.

This might still be true for car salesman...but online, this thought process is a historic way of thinking.

Also known as interruption marketing, as Seth Godin calls it, is like a commercial that interrupts your daily life to talk about their product or whatever it is they're advertising.

On the internet, this way of marketing is just not the way to go. In fact, it's the worst way to do it. The way of marketing online is through what Seth calls, permission marketing.

This is where you collect the permission, like having someone opt in for your emails, and talk to only them about your product. This way of marketing on the internet is much more profitable than just doing interruption marketing where you just go around and tell everyone about your product.

You shouldn't be trying to attract a bunch of people who aren't in your niche to your product, they won't be interested, and you'll be attracting unwanted traffic to your website. Instead...focus on your niche and build. That is the way of the internet.

People who market on the internet need to understand that the way of the shark, where everyone five feet away from you is a possible prospect, is over, and must give way to permission marketing.

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