The Internet Boom

In the year 2000, the stock market crashed...as some of you might know...and with peoples 401(k) depending soley on the stock market, now more than ever is financial education important.

With the baby boom generation about to hit their retirement age where they are required to take out their 401s, I predict that the market will indeed crash due to the fact that there will be more sellers than buyers...

With the ongoing notice that people need to build up their financial education, they quickly run to the hills thinking that they don't have enough money to learn.

For these people...they have not even noticed the sudden internet boom. The Dot.com bubble was created because of the internet alone, and why?

Because it's just getting easier and easier to build up a company, or start some kind of entreprenuerial venture off of the internet.


This sudden burst of easy ventures is a gateway to an amazing financial education...we're living in an internet ran world where you can get information quick...

So why aren't we using that power?

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