Using My Recommended Online Shopping Cart...Mal's E-commerce

Hey everyone! Today I've got this wonderful, and FR-EE online shopping cart, that I use myself, to show you. : )

It's personally my favorite shopping cart, and I use it all the time.

Why is it so good? Well not only do you get to do everything you could do with other shopping carts, but you also get a chance to create your own affiliate program for free that goes up to two-tier.

You can create an affiliate program that you always see on clickbank, and do it yourself.

So let's say that you just created an ebook and are now trying to sell it for about $5. Well let's make that offer even more interesting by importing an affiliate program with that ebook... : )

Instead of just offering an ebook, lets offer your buyers a chance to easily make some money. We set up an affiliate program with the free online shopping cart Mal's E-commerce so that whenever your buyer sells your product, they get lets say...60% of the total sale. That's $3!

Now lets make it even more interesting and start the two tier program. Lets say that if the person they sell it to decides to sell it also, the person who originally sold it gets lets say...40% of the total sale. So that means that the original buyer gets $2 for doing nothing except selling the first ebook. And the person who sold that ebook gets their $3! And the process keeps going as long as they sell the product.

Now doesn't that ebook sound just a little bit more interesting with the affiliate program? Best of all...the affiliate program is free to create when you sign up for the free online shopping cart.

So how wonderful is this shopping cart? Pretty cool huh!? I know! : )

So you want to get the shopping cart? Get the free shopping cart at http://Mals-E.com!

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