More On An Autoresponder...

I don't think that I really explained the imporance of an autoresponder in my earlier post...so let's try to get into that right now! : )

An autoresponder is definately important because you can automatically do follow-ups with your customers when they opt in...

So why is are follow-ups important?

You create more sales that way...think about it...

If your friend Marcus has a website that gets about 10 visits a day, won't you agree that those 10 visits are very important since he doesn't have a large amount of visits?

If Marcus doesn't have an autoresponder, then those 10 visitors will just go to his website, look around for a bit, and then leave...

But if Marcus did have an autoresponder and set up a capture page dedicated to getting people to opt in for his free, let's say...newsletter, his visits will become more cash efficient.

So let's now say that Marcus set up a capture page dedicated to getting people to opt in for his autoresponder newsletter and gets maybe 3 of those 10 visitors to opt in...now those 3 visitors are bound to that autoresponder...unless they unsubscribe, they will keep getting Marcus' newsletter.

Now Marcus has just captured visitors who are interested in what he's saying...with an autoresponder, he can tell each one of them about products that he's used, or updates on his website.

And they WILL listen...they signed up for his autoresponder!

So lets say that those 3 subscribers get Marcus' autoresponder emails and only 2 of them purchase a product that Marcus talks about that costs $25 each...Marcus has just made $50 from his 3 subscribers who would have otherwise just came to his website and left!

Now do you understand? Do you realize how important an autoresponder is? With an autoresponder, you can save the amount of visitors coming to your website that could make you that online income that they wouldn't have made you if you didn't have an autoresponder!

So the bottom line is...get an autoresponder, set it up, and create a capture page dedicated to get people to opt in...

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