A Day in Virginia

I'm in Virginia right now for about two weeks due to my grandfathers funeral...so most of the stuff that's going onto this blog is just posts that I am able to put in on my free time...sorry guys! : (

But anyways...I'm still posting up posts, so that shouldn't be a problem right? ...RIGHT!?

Today I made about $100 from my ebay account...not so much today...but that's what I get for not going on it for a long time. =P Procrastinant me. = )

So anyways...I was checking out my ebay account and I noticed that my backend sales from my ebay buyers have been steadily going down! OH NO!

So I'm going to be working on that for a bit during this week and try to get it back up...maybe it's time to set up a new capture page! How exciting! >: )

Well...I'll keep you guys posted on my daily nuggets of knowledge!

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