Disneyland Agrees That I'm Right!

Okay, this is for all you online store owners who only depend on frontend sales to keep their website going.

I never figured out how to do that, so bravo to you guys! But I'd rather depend on my backend sales to keep my website running rather than my frontend sales, and I'm sure Disneyland would agree with me.

Let's get your brain churning and visualize shall we? -This will be fun!-

Imagine Disneyland as your website. Lucky you. : )

After marketing your website for a while, and by sending people to your website, you make a sale on your ticket.

-We aren't talking about content...that's an entirely different subject-

Okay, woop-de-doo, you've made a sale. But did you know that Disneyland doesn't make it's profits off of tickets (frontend sales) but from what they sell when inside the park (backend sales)

Disneyland and other amusement parks are masters at backend sales. Someone will buy a ticket, and when they're hungry, they'll buy a drink. These parks know that because they know who their buyers are...hungry, tired grown-ups, and restless, sugar-ran kids.

How fun.

But this is what I say to you online store owners...if you can setup your own backend sales correctly, I can almost guarantee that your sales will increase in the next month or so.

Hey...Dineyland agrees with what I'm saying!