My Prom Is On Friday

Well well well...my Prom is on friday. How exciting is that for me? But I've began to wonder just how many teenagers are going to prom and putting all their mind into it.

They whine and complain -like I have- and say that they need to have it just right -I don't-

Now I wonder...if teenagers could put that much thought into prom...how come they can't put that much thought on their futures?

The class of 2008 has a huge edge on personal technology that could mean their future downfall. -I read this in the press-enterprise a few days back-

*If you want me to go into more detail about the statement above, just reply*

The year 2008 graduates have a great edge in the office, but unfortunately, they've been blessed with ignorance.

It's so sad to have so much energy, and power, but to only have it shot down with ignorance.

They can become the future businessmen and women leaders...but they don't seem to realize the power they hold.

Oh well.

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