I Finally Got My Tux For Prom!

I just rented my tux for prom next friday, and am going to go pick it up on thursday. Aren't you excited for me?

But while I was looking around the tux stores, I noticed a slight bit of information that I thought you guys would want to hear about.

At my city mall, Promenade Mall, I visited a tux store, and right next to it was...ANOTHER TUX STORE!

So here's the kicker, which store is the store that I decided to go to?

Which one made me more interested? ...or in the words of Seth Godin...who was the purple cow?

It was the store that I was more familiar with.

The store that I choosed to buy from, was a store that had sent me a card in the mail telling me about their offers.

So I decided to go to the shop that I knew more about...the one that sent me the card in the mail.

What's the moral of the story?

Your name or rep is almost as important as the products you buy. With a good reputation, you can almost guarantee a sale in whatever niche your in.

Simple, no?

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