Convert My Traffic? Psssshhh, I Don't Need To Do That...Do I?

Okay people have been getting really hyped up when their blog, website, whatever has a hit counter increases to a huge number and think right away...YES! I'M AWESOME!

Okay so you have a huge amount of traffic...now what? Have you thought about converting that traffic in order to make some sales?

Traffic is important...but having that traffic coming back and getting that traffic to take further action and opt in is even more important.

It's actually not that hard to get traffic. Trust me. Write some articles, post in forums, talk on blogs, make some videos, and BOOM there's your traffic.

But what about when that traffic actually gets to whatever you want them to go? What happens then?

Getting people to your website, blog, etc. is great and all...

But having that traffic repeat, opt in, purchase an item, or subscribe is what really matters.

Get, Capture, Convert...

This is the process of success online.

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