Me + Blog = Disaster!

Here's a story about my disaster with blogs...and how not to make money, the blogosphere way.

After spending some time online, trying to make a profit...a little after my spamming days...I found out about this new wonderful way to make money online...the blogosphere way.

It caught my attention because of the no start-up cost, and that it's relatively easy to do.

So to me...it sounded like a get rich quick scheme...and I liked it.

Just trying to make a profit, I quickly made more than 5 different blogs about network marketing and how to do it...and my goal was to get people to sign up for my network marketing program, Pre-Paid Legal.

Man was that marketing tactic a bust!

I would put up unrelated information about my network marketing company, and thought that people would sign up.

"They'd be crazy not to," is what I would always say to myslef.

But that's not the worse part!

I soon saw my mistakes, and came to the realization that the blogs would be a dud.

After giving that online venture the old heave-ho, I began working on a new blog.

This blog was made to help people break the mold, and learn how to really become an entrepreneur.

It became way more successful then my other blogs, and I started trying to get tons of traffic to it.

And man did it work. My subscriptions were high, and so were my hits. So I began to think..."Hey! How am I going to profit from this!?"

Doing what almost every person trying to make money online does, I turned to Pay Per Click programs, thinking I could make a bundle of cash this way.

Which is what the so-called "guru's" said I could do. They're guru's! They can't be wrong! stupid liars

After putting ads onto my blog, it just started to look like I was trying to squeeze money out of my visitors...and so my subscriptions started to decrease.

Trying to save my profits, I began looking for more ways on how to make money from my blog.

By becoming greedy, I ignored my blog and began searching for new ways to make money the "blogosphere way." Only to find out when I was done, that my subscribers decreased by more than half.

All those subscribers...gone! And not a single profit made! How horrible!

I hope you caught on to what you shouldn't do when trying to make money with blogs, that I learned that hard way!

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