Money On Myspace?

So every one's been getting all hyped up about marketing and making money off of myspace.

First of all, marketing on myspace is dead. It worked before, maybe 4-5 years ago, but now myspace has been filled with a bunch of people spamming and marketing their own products onto myspace (sounds like the web doesn't it?).

With the marketing on myspace high, trying to make money on a page has become harder or nearly impossible.

THE ONLY way that I've found profitable in trying to make money and market on myspace is by finding a niche, and redirecting them to my capture page or have them opt in directly from my myspace page.

It's crazy to think that mass spamming and saying, hey join this group, is going to work. REMEMBER, no one is on the internet to intentially buy something.

So if you want to market on myspace, focus on a niche

And if you're trying to make money on myspace, collect their emails and profit from your capture page. You should never think that by simply sending someone to a web page and posting a buy now sign on a product is going to get you any sales.

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