Using A Blog As Your Landing Page

Some of you might have started blogging in order to bring traffic to your website...but wait! Did you know that if you use your blog as your landing page for articles, it'll boost your sales rate!?

Sure your amount of conversion rates might decrease...but your sale rates will increase.

I don't know about you...but I'd rather have a high sale rate than a high conversion rate. But hey...that's just me. : )

When you write an article, if you post your blogs link in the resource box rather than putting in the link for your capture page, you'll see your sales grow. Why? Good question!

By putting up a blog, people get to listen to what you have to say, and see if they like your personality...good right? That's the reason why blogs were made! : )

By having a blog as your landing page, you get people to see who you are, build their trust with you, and learn that you're a real person who knows what they're talking about.

But with a capture page...all you put down is, SIGN UP NOW! Then you pray that the person who signs up will buy whatever it is you're offering, and that they buy your products even though they don't know you.


As a mathematical equation...

landing page = blog = high sales

landing page = capture page = low sales

Blogs build trust with your visitors...which is the best way to make a sale on the internet.

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