A Post "Trash Talking" MLM Programs

I was using the oh so wonderful stumbleupon toolbar the other day, and ran into a blog about "making money" online, and it talked badly about MLM programs.

I have already talked about MLM programs before in the post "My View On MLM's", but I just want to say that I personally believe that a MLM program is a wonderful way for the average joe to build up a passive residual income.

The only problem that I see with a network marketing company is that there are tons of them out there that are not legit. Just like any other investment.

These are not "get rich quick" schemes, because you have to work hard in order to make it...just like any other business.

In all, a MLM program is like any other investment. There are good ones and bad ones. But if you know what you're doing, and what you should be looking out for, than you're going to succeed in your investment.

Stick your head out of the water!

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