Article Marketing Super Guide!

I know that you guys are doing article marketing, and if you're not...SHAME ON YOU!

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get tons of residual traffic to your website, without spending any kind of money. It's an amazing traffic generator, and if you're not doing it, than you're missing out on more than 1,000 visitors coming to your website a day.

So here's just a small crash course on article marketing for you guys...

1. Think about which niche you want to get into first. Choose the niche that your website is based upon, and than try to get into a sub-category of it. Try to market in something small, and dominate that market. That's how you'll get tons of recognition, and click-throughs.

2. First head on over to www.EzineArticles.com and create an account that you want to submit articles to. There are literally hundreds of article submission websites, but this is the most popular. And if you want more exposion, than I suggest that you submit your article to more than just one directory. So create an article with them, and other article submission websites.

3. Setup your signature file. This is what your viewers are going to click on in order to get to your website, so make sure that it's interesting and persuades people to go to your website.

Don't just say "sign up for your free e-book here," say something like, "Increase your golf score in literally days FREE." Make your viewers want to click on your links!

4. Setup the title for your article. Make sure that the keyword of your article is in the title. This gives the article a higher search engine ranking when people search up your articles keyword.

Also try inserting numbers and loaded words in order to entice your viewers to read your article out of the other articles out there.

5. Find your articles keywords by going to www.Adwords.Google.com and finding out what keywords you should use for your article.

As a tip, try to use the same keywords over and over again. This helps you flood the market with your articles, and have you dominate your market quicker.

6. Create your articles summary. Make sure that it's straight-to the point, and entices your viewers to read your article.

Remember, what makes your article better than the other articles out there?

7. Start creating your article. Make sure that it follows the article directories rules and make it loaded with quality, informative, and entertaining content. If your article can do that, than they will more than likely click on your signature file.

A good worded amount is about 300-500 word articles.

8. Submit your articles! If you want to dominate the market, than make tons of articles on your niche. Flood the market with your quality, informative, and entertaining content! That way, people will see your articles more than others in your niche. So get out there, and start flooding the market with your articles! But make sure they're unique and high quality stuff!

If you want to automate your article submission, than I suggest that you get Article Submitter.

It's a software program that sends your ONE article to more than 668 article directories for more exposion, and promotion for your website! It's a great investment that I use myself, and it has proven to be one of my favorite assets of all time!

So check it out at www.ArticleSubmitter.IMWishlist.com, and get the software yourself. You'll be glad you did!

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