Number 5 - A Sequential Autoresponder Service

I'm not talking about an autoresponder service that sends an email everytime someone sends you an email. That's a bulk autoresponder. I'm talking about a sequential autoresponder. One that sends an email at pre-determined times and dates.

You can have more than millions of people come to your website a day, but if you don't have an autoresponder service...all the traffic in the world couldn't help you out Buddy Holly.

Think of an autoresponder opt-in form as a catch-all. Let's say someone comes to your website, and wants more information about your website...if you have an opt-in form, you can easily follow-up with them and expand on your websites ideas. That way, you can keep the traffic that's interested in the things you do...and potentially capitalize on them.

Why do you need this? Well let me just tell you a few things. Did you know that less than 1% of sales online are made from the first contact with the visitor? I've ran the tests...and it's true. That's a LOW ASS amount! But did you know that 80% of sales online are made on the 5th-10th follow up with that visitor?

That's a huge increase in percentages!

So then...why is it like that? What does following up with your visitors have to do with making a sale? Let's say that you go to a website and aren't ready to buy something from that person yet...but you're interested in what they're saying. Okay then, you can sign up for their opt-in form to get free information.

So you do that.

And the very next day...after you've forgotten all about the guy, BAM! He's right in your face again, telling you about him and his websites idea. If that guy keeps following up on you, and presenting you with valuable information...I bet you anything that you'll make at least one purchase from him.

And there's no time limit on the sale either! As long as you stay subscribed to his automated emails, you become his customer...FOREVER!

Sequential autoresponders are more than important for your website. And if you want me to elaborate more on this...than I suggest that you leave a comment asking questions that you'd want me to expand on, the scope of their power is way too much for this post to handle!

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