Number 6 - Quality Goods and/or Services

This is an important part in making a full-time income online with your website...QUALITY GOODS!

Your website needs to sell, or giveaway, high quality goods and services in order to make it "big" online. If all you do is just give your customers e-books that really suck, than your credibility crashes.

And your credibility means a lot if you want to become an online business person!

It's actually not that hard to create quality goods and services. You can do it through...

Software programs
Drop shipping goods

Just as long as your products are high in quality, and that can help your customers life in some way, than I promise that you will make a full-time income online.

You have to sell your customers some kind of product or service that will change their lives FOREVER. Not just some stupid out of date E-book that no one wants to read.

You MUST sell ONLY high quality goods and/or services!

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