Myspace Marketers

I'm sure that you guys have a myspace account that you use in order to grab traffic from social networking...

but have you been marketing your myspace the right way? I've seen more than hundreds of profiles just spamming their website and why their viewers need to buy something from it, but rarely do I see profiles that are marketing the right way.

I've seen more than hundreds of profiles a day, with off-center pages, glitter text, gritty page movements, and they all talk about why they should join their MLM.

Okay, your MLM sounds like a good deal (They all sound like a good deal when you join one) but why on earth would someone join your MLM if you don't even offer any FREE content that your visitors can use or try out before they decide to join?

Your just sending them to a crappy page that's telling them to buy something and leave. How horrible is that?

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