Is Email Marketing Going To Die?

Alright one and all, there's a little hype and hoot going around, about the subject of the end of email marketing. That's right. Maybe you've heard about it! Well let me bring something to your eyes, Email marketing isn't going to die!

The idea of blogging becoming the number one marketing space has grown over marketers, but that's just due to the fact to email marketings roots in all individual businesses. Since the owners have finally realized just how much they depend on emails, they have been frantically trying to figure out what to do if it were to die off.

These business owners fear the pay-to-play, bloggers, and spam. But don't get too scared, these are minor threats to the email marketing community, and shouldn't be destroying the market any time soon.

In actual fact, although 27% of people use/read blogs, but 62% didn't even know what a blog is. but 94% of women, and 88% of men still use emails in order to contact one another.

So don't get too bent out of shape about these rising new marketing tools, email marketing is going anywhere for a while. In fact, I predict that it'll stay for a very long time.

That's right, Email marketing is stil the prime marketing tool for all internet businesses!

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