You Could Be Purposely Throwing Your Money Down The Toilet!

If you've ever created your own digital product, than you might be losing more than $100,000 from your products alone!

That's right! Just setting up a PayPal button isn't going to cut it for you guys. You'll need to protect your downloads, or your download page in order to make sure that no one is going to be stealing your products, and your profits.

Say that you have an E-book for only $10.00, and you just sent it through PayPal. Someone could grab your download link and take your product without even paying for it!

Just imagine if that person just gives away your item! In just ten downloads, you've already lost about $100. That's a literal steal!

So how can you protect yourself? Well you can use DLGuard, but that it REALLY expensive. So I suggest that you get Lock-It-Now

It only costs about $9 a month, and it's a wonderful tool that anyone can use. And to show you how easy it is to setup and use Lock-It-Now, just check out this video.

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