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It's common sense really. The more you promote your articles, the more traffic you're going to get. Just sending your article to just one article directory, you're missing out on more than 120 other article submission websites. Think about this.

If you create 1 article per day, and only 1 person clicks on it, than you've only got 1 person to your website from article marketing. That sounds like crap visits doesn't it?

Now think about this...say you take that 1 article, and send it to not only that article directory, but to 667 others. And only one person clicks on that article for each directory. That's 668 people to your website!

See how much of an increase that is for your traffic? More than 500 people came to your website from the power of just one article. That's how powerful they are! And if you're just sending that article to one directory, than you're missing out an literally hundreds of traffic to your website!

And if you write two article per day, than you've got more than 1,200 visits per day! Think about how much power that holds!

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