Number 1 - Domain Name

So to continue on the 6 essential tools necessary for creating a full-time income online, I want to first talk about domain names.

No matter what niche, market, network, etc. you absolutely need your own DOMAIN NAME in order to make a full-time income online. You need to have a place that you can do whatever it is you want to it without any limitations, and also where you can place all of your capture/squeeze pages.

Domain names are how you're going to get your message across the entire globe. You might be saying that you can do it with myspace, or facebook, but those websites don't let you freely edit your website to your likings, can be deleted at any time, and are less convincing than your own sales page.

You can't even upload your own products on those social networking websites!

Domain names are exactly what you need in order to expand your business, and make your sales work. You just need a domain name that you can upload your content to whenever you feel like it.

So...Domains names are a must!

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