Number 3 and 4 - A Shopping Cart and Online Merchant Account

These two tools are more of the technical side of making money online with a website. These are the tools that you ABSOLUTELY need in order to collect the money that you make online.

How else did you think you were going to collect your cash from our online money making machine?

www.PayPal.com works as both a shopping cart and an online merchant account, but if you want to edit your shopping cart out and give it more of a personal look, than you should use www.Mals-e.com to setup your shopping cart.

But either way, you're still going to need an online merchant account like PayPal, and Google Checkout. And with your online merchant account, you'll need a shopping cart in order to accept your customers payments.

There's not much to say from the advantages that these two tools can give you, but they are NECESSARY if you want to collect the money that you make online.

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